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Hi! Can anybody help me with this error below? I want to call Apache Java Web Service and request some documents from that web service. 11 Dec This is an update for the SOAP Toolkit Dim SOAPReader As MSSOAPLibSOAPReader Dim SOAPSerializer As MSSOAPLibSOAPSerializer Dim SOAPConnector As MSSOAPLib

Hi! Can anybody help me with this error below? I try to use MSSOAPLib floriangenilleau.comthParser to send request to an Apache Java Web. I try to use a COM component (SOAP Toolkit ) MSSOAPLib floriangenilleau.comthParser to send request to an Apache Java. how would I create a SOAP client in floriangenilleau.com? The following code just works fine in VB: Dim lobjSOAP As New MSSOAPLibSoapClient30 lobjSOAP.

11 Jan Private Sub Command1_Click() On Error GoTo lblErrorHandler Dim errObj As New ErrObject Dim objSoap As MSSOAPLibSoapClient I am getting the below error when trying to send a message to sforce. "Connector: Connection time out. HRESULT=0xA - Client:An unanticipated error. Using Microsoft SOAP Toolkit with ISoapConnector. Microsoft's SOAP Toolkit makes it possible for programmers to invoke a web service as easily as invoking a. I solved this by sending the XML as an HTTP POST, submitted via MSXML2. XMLHTTP. Code as follows: Function. 1 Jul Dim objClient As MSSOAPLibSoapClient Dim objSerial As MSSOAPLib SoapSerializer Dim objRead As MSSOAPLib

Hi, We are using MSSOAPLibSoapClient30 inside VB6 to access floriangenilleau.com web service. It works great on dev and test (as does everything it seems. Hi Everyone, firstly thanks to everyone who has posted in the past i have used this forum many time.. I am first time poster however. 23 Sep #2 Fri, 23 Sep Alon Y. With SOAP , The SOAP class is changed. Please try: Dim objSoap As New MSSOAPLibSoapClient Dim Reader As MSSOAPLibSoapReader Set SOAPConnector = New MSSOAPLibHttpConnector30 SOAPConnector.


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